BLADE (Builders of the Legacy After the Destruction of Earth) is the military organization responsible for protecting NLA, among other things. Join up and do your part.

Rated Teen: Animated Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

Choose your division

As a new BLADE member, you’ll choose one of eight unique divisions to join. Each has its own specialty and comes with its own support bonuses.

Level up with
missions and quests

No matter which BLADE division you choose, you'll get to choose from a wide variety of missions and quests that'll earn you experience points and rewards.

Story missions

Story missions

These will keep you moving through the main story. You’ll need to meet certain requirements to take them on, such as having certain party members or a high enough experience level.


Join up online with
the BLADE Network

Connect to the Internet to join a squad of up to 32 other players. Squad members can recruit each other’s avatars to their parties, share information, give and receive gear or items, and team up for missions or battles.

Squad Missions and special events

As part of a squad, you can also help clear Squad Mission objectives as well as special four-player Squad Quests.

And for the biggest challenge of all, a four-player squad can leap into the fray when a World Boss appears. These super-powerful enemies take major skills (and Skells) to defeat, but the rewards are worth the risk.

Building your party

Going solo is a good way to get killed on Mira. So be sure to recruit party members as you meet them in the game. Each companion has different combat and support skills to offer, and you can customize their gear, weapons, and more at any time.

Building your party