Suit up for battle.
Level up to become a hero.

Rated Teen: Animated Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

Bring your hero to life

Start by choosing your avatar's main features, then customize his or her appearance from head to toe. As you play, you'll get tons of new armor, clothing, and weapon options that'll also update your look.

Bring your hero to life

Charge into battle

Sometimes there's just no avoiding dangerous indigenous creatures (known as indigens) on Mira. Then again, why would you want to? Winning battles pays off with money, materials, and, most importantly, experience.

You'll equip one of each type of weapon: melee and ranged. During a battle, you'll auto-attack with them as you await the right time to use more powerful special attacks.


Ranged weapon

Aim and attack from afar to reduce your damage with this type, including rifles and launchers.

Battle Screen

As soon as you draw your weapon, your display will show you crucial information about your party, your enemy, your Arts, and more.

Unleash special
combat abilities

To take down indigens, you can't rely on guns and blades alone. Luckily, you've got even more effective weapons.



Arts are special abilities that can do major damage and can even have special effects if you use them in certain conditions. Arts need a cooldown period after use, so timing is key.

Soul Voice

Soul Voice

When a teammate uses Soul Voice, select a corresponding Art to create a party combo. Not only will you do more damage, you'll replenish your party's health and may give temporary stat boosts.



Once you reach a certain point in battle, you can trigger the Overdrive ability. This will greatly enhance your combat abilities for a limited time.

Switch up your class

Your character's class will determine what Arts you can learn, and you'll get to pursue a new option once you reach level 10 in the default class. You can switch at any time, mixing and matching your Skills to suit your battle style.

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